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Challenges in Cloud Computing from the Industry (Providers)

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Encompass computation, storage, and networking and security

Replacement Cost

  • Exponential increase in cost to maintain the infrastructure
  • Vendor Lock-in


No standard API or protocol can be very serious

  • Standardization


No standard metric for QoS is limiting the popularity

  • Security and Confidentiality


No standard metric for QoS is limiting the popularity


Trust model for cloud computing

  • Control Mechanism
  • Users do not have any control over infrastructures


Concerns from Research Community

  • Conflict to legacy programs
    • With difficulty in developing a new application due to lack of control
  • Provenance
    • How to reproduce results in different infrastructures
  • Reduction in Latency
  • No specially designed interconnect used
    • Very low controllability in layout of interconnect due to abstraction
  • Programming Model
    • Hard to debug where programming naturally error-prone
    • Details about infrastructure are hidden
  • QoS Measurement
    • Especially for ubiquitous computing where context changes


Comparing compute clusters

  • Instance performance
    • Java-based benchmarks
  • Cost-effectiveness
    • Cost per benchmark
  • Scaling performance
    • Why is it important?
    • Scaling latency

Comparing storage services

  • Cover blob, table, and queue storage services
  • Compare “read” and “write” operations
    • Additional “query” operation for table
  • Metrics
    • Operation latency
    • Cost per operation
    • Time to consistency
  • Network latency to the closest data center


Storage performance

  • Operation response time has high variation
  • Storage performance depends on operation type


Three metrics

    • Benchmark finishing time
    • Monetary cost per benchmark
    • Scaling latency


End-to-end metrics

  • Simple
  • Has predictive value
  • Abstracts away the implementation details
    • Different design trade-offs
    • No single one stands out
    • Cloud performance can vary significantly
      • 30% more expensive -> twice as fast
      • Storage performance can differ in magnitudes
      • One cloud’s intra-data center bandwidth can be 3X higher than the other


Security and Confidentiality (abstraction of the underlying infrastructure)

  • Multi-tenancy (shared environments, may or may not have access to software)
    • Economical because software development and maintenance costs are shared. It can be contrasted with single-tenancy, an architecture in which each customer has their own software instance and may be given access to code
  • Single-tenancy (an architecture in which each customer has their own software)
    • The provider has to touch multiple instances of the software in order to make updates.
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • IT Audit Risk is largely driven by:
      • Deployment Model
      • Service Model


  • Nature of Applications & Data in Cloud
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