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Sample – Word – Annual IT Disaster Prevention Review Checklist

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Word – Annual IT Disaster Prevention Review Checklist


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UNIX – Home Directory Policy

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Home Directory Construction

Policy: Home directories must be constructed in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Each log-on account must have a unique home directory. 
  1. Every User must have their own individual account(s) 
  1. Every person’s user-ID must be associated with their home directory. 
  1. Only files unique to the user are to be stored in their home directory. 

Shared files or group projects must be stored on a shared directory 



Home Directory Responsibilities 

Policy: Users are accountable and responsible for all materials found in their home directory.

Only work related material may be held on corporate file servers.

The materials within a user’s home directory are the property of Corporate.

The Systems Administrator will publish backup and recovery procedures for data stored within home directories.


Home Directory Security

Policy: Permissions on a home directory must be set to 700.
If a user decides to make their directory accessible to others, the Systems Administrator must inform the user of the risks involved. The owner of the directory is the first point of contact for any discrepancies found within the directory.

Users are responsible for virus detection on files found within their home directory. This must be done daily. Users who frequently download files from the Internet must scan for viruses after every download.

Users must own all files and subdirectories within their home directories.

File systems containing home directories may not be exported outside the Systems Administrator’s Domain.

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