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Posted in Data Center - SOC - NOC by Guest on the October 30th, 2014
  1.  Apply Unified Architecture Management
  2. Establish Firm Logical Boundaries
    • Reduce Integration Complexity
    • Partition Applications
    • Partition Databases
  3. Establish event-driven systems
  4. Design Highly Granular, Loosely Coupled Systems


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Simple Change Management Objectives

Purpose and Scope

To establish the activities needed to create and authorize a Standard Change for Change Management.

A Standard Change generally is a low risk, repeatable procedure that has demonstrated implementation success and been pre-approved for future implementations.


A Standard Change requires the following:

  • Is a low risk change
  • Occurs frequently
  • Has an Installation Instruction
  • Has a predefined Backout Plan
  • Have previous successful changes previously implemented in IT Service Request
  • Can be identified as a unique item on the approved Global Standard Change List
  • Has a scope that exactly matches the identified unique item on the approved Global Standard Change List

Standard Change Policy

Standard changes are pre-approved for creation of the RFC and deployment.

Key business rules include:

  • Standard changes will be restricted to those supported by a single implementation group (Change Owner group is Implementer group)
  • A particular type of RFC must be successfully deployed at least three consecutive times in order to be considered a candidate for a “Standard” pre-approved change type
  • The approval required in order to certify a normal change as a Standard Pre-Approved change requires approval by those owning the CIs the change may impact (based upon the business criticality). Annual re-authorization is required by all parties authorizing the original change
  • Changes owned by third party groups require approval from Corporate IT. and the appropriate account manager from the third party.
  • The Change Manager for the “domain” of the change must formally approve of the change becoming a Standard Pre-Approved change
  • Each Standard Change will be defined with the majority of the fields pre-defined
  • Those submitting an authorized Standard Change for deployment will use only the appropriate form / template that can be accessed
  • If a Standard Change’s deployment fails it will become a “Normal Change” and the Change Owner must re-apply to be considered a candidate for a Standard change once the issue causing the failure has been resolved and the change has been successfully deployed three consecutive times.
  • Must follow the Standard Change Procedures


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Sample – Timesheet Workflow Details

Posted in Compliances (1300),Visio Samples - Stencils (457) by Guest on the October 27th, 2014
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Sampe Word – Configuring PGP for VeriSign OnSite

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Internetworking Challenges

Posted in Networking (340) by Guest on the October 25th, 2014

Implementing a functional Internetwork poses many challenges. These challenges fall into four major categories:

Connectivity — The challenge of connectivity is to support communication between disparate technologies, such as different media types or speeds.


Reliability — Reliable service is a must in any Internetwork. Individual users and whole organizations are dependent on getting consistent, reliable access to network resources.


Management — Network management must provide centralized support and troubleshooting capabilities in an Internetwork. Configuration, security, performance, and other issues must be adequately addressed in order for the Internetwork to function smoothly.


Flexibility — Flexibility is a necessity in the face of network expansion, new applications and services, and other such factors.


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Sample Excel – OMB Policy Guidance

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