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Network Manager Reports

Posted in Networking (340) by Guest on the June 24th, 2014

The purpose of the network manager reports is for network managers to get an overview of the network as well as problem areas in the network so he / she can focus on areas to keep the network up & running.

  • Overall health & availability reports for all devices
  • Health & availability reports for individual devices
  • Web links to report on Router health, for exception reporting at the device level status
  • Overall & individual segment utilization reports
  • Segment level protocol distribution reports (based on RMON)
  • Segment level Top conversation reports (based on RMON)
  • Worse performing health devices (overall & at device level)


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Sample Word – An Integrated Approach to Information Security

Posted in Security (1500) by Guest on the June 20th, 2014
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Benefits of Availability?

Posted in Compliances (1300) by Guest on the June 7th, 2014
Increase control of enterprise environment
–Reduce Time to identify Problems
–Helps eliminate IT slowdowns
–Enable capacity planning of network resources
Quantifiable Savings
–Renegotiate with carriers for leased lines/internet access whose bandwidth is underused
–Differ or avoid equipment upgrades
–Invest in the right place / resources / equipment
Reduction in hidden costs
–Improve network Operations productivity
–Improve user and customer satisfaction
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