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Sample – Project Level Metrics

Posted in Compliances (1300),Projects (400),Security (1500) by Guest on the May 21st, 2013

At the project level, the key parameters are timeliness, productivity, quality, availability and user satisfaction. The following table details the matrices, tools used and some illustrative target details. 



Measurement Tool


Illustrative Target

Timeliness ResponseTime TBD % of problems responded within the time to respond a problem    TBD
  Resolution Time TBD % of problems resolved within the time to resolve a problem TBD
Availability Online Availability Server Log + Internal Tool Availability of the online applications TBD
Quality Bug fix Rejection Rate TBD % of problems rejected which are resolved TBD
Production Back outs TBD % of fixes backed out from Production after Production Move TBD
Preventive Maintenance Throughput TBD % of fixes that are induced because of preventive maintenance TBD
Productivity Year-on-year improvements TBD % improvement in average resolution time TBD
User Satisfaction Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Manual Qualitative measure of stakeholder satisfaction TBD


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