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Sample Excel – Network Bandwidth Delay Estimates Spreadsheet

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Sample Excel – Network Speeds Spreadsheet

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SUDO quick Reference Guide


Usr – OS

Usr – Alias (SUDO)

Web admin

Permissions to do


SUDO quick Reference Guide

sudo kill

sudo killall

sudo chown

sudo mkdir

sudo rmdir 

mysql Status

serveradmin   status mysql 

myaql Status

serveradmin   settings mysql 

Start / Stop mysql

/usr/sbin/serveradmin   start mysql

/usr/sbin/serveradmin   stop mysql           

To move a database to a new location:          

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin stop mysql          

sudo cp -Rp /oldpath/mysql /newpath/          

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin settings mysql:databaseLocation = /newpath/mysql      

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin start mysql                     

To change the database location:       

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin stop mysql          

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin settings mysql:databaseLocation = /path/to/new/ database/      

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin start mysql                     

To set/change the root password:      

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin stop mysql          

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin settings mysql:rootPassword = password          

sudo /usr/sbin/serveradmin start mysql                     

To start Tomcat:         

$ sudo /Library/Tomcat/6.0/bin/                

Open Terminal and enter the following command.   

$ sudo serveradmin settings web:IfModule:_array_id:mod_ssl.c:SSL PassPhraseDialog=builtin              

Start Apache with the command:      

$ sudo serveradmin start web 

When prompted, enter the certificate passphrase.            

To stop Web service:  

$ sudo serveradmin stop web

To see if Web service is running:       

$ sudo serveradmin status web           

 To see complete Web service status: 

$ sudo serveradmin fullstatus web                

To view log paths:      

$ sudo serveradmin command web:command = getLogPaths                     

To see if Web service is running:

$ sudo serveradmin status web 

To see complete Web service status:

$ sudo serveradmin fullstatus web                      

To change several settings:    

$ sudo serveradmin settings   

web:setting = value    

web:setting = value    

web:setting = value    



To view a setting:       

$ sudo serveradmin settings web:setting


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Top 5 Policy Issues

To advocate effectively for the industry on core public policy issues that impact directly upon consumers’ use and enjoyment of the Internet, the Counter Intrusion, Inc focuses on these consumer-oriented public policy issues:

  • Identity theft
  • Consumer Privacy
  • Internet Security and Law Enforcement
  • Content Regulation
  • Unsolicited Commercial Email
  • B2B and B2C liability


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Amount of data each day is unbelievable

Posted in Compliances (1300),Information Rights Management (100) by Guest on the April 28th, 2012

We create terabtyes of data each day it’s like an ocean and each day data we create is wider and and further away, duplicate outdated incorrect corrupted. IT organizations have to get a handle on this. This is how identities are lost and customer confidence is lost.


Medium Content Type TB / Yr
High estimate
TB / Yr
Low estimate
Paper Books 39 9
Newspaper 138 26
Office Documents 4500 775
Mass Market Periodicals 500 100
Journals 400 2200
Newletters 200 50
Film Photographs 5000 2500
Cinema 600000 20000
Made for TV films 260000 12000
Direct to video 90000000 60000
X-Rays 30000000 100000
Optical Audio CD 108000 60000
CDROM 400000 25000
DVD 150000 5000
Magnetic Videotape 180000000 130000000
Digital Tape 300000 20000
Mini Digital Videocasssettes 1300000 1000000
Floppy Disk 0.50 0.10
ZIP 1000000 5000
Audio MiniDiscs 10 3
Flash 3000000 275000
Hard-Disk 2800000000000 2100000000
Information Totals    



Media 2009 (TB)
Surface Web 275
Deep Web 410
Email 10000000
Instant Messaging 160


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The Measure of Success

Posted in Business (600) by Guest on the April 27th, 2012

Failure teaches us valuable lessons…

At 21, he failed in business.

At 22, he lost a legislative race.

At 26, he fell in love, but his sweetheart died.

At 27, he had a nervous breakdown.

At 36, he lost a congressional race.

At 45, he lost a Senate race.

At 47, he failed in a vice presidential bid.

At 52, he was elected president of the United States.

His name: Abraham Lincoln:

Examining your losses is a valuable tool in learning how to win.

“When you don’t get the results you want, you have to ask yourself,

‘What can I learn from this?’

“Past failures may be a gift in disguise.”


Lincoln learned a great deal from his failures.  Great thinkers do. They take risk. They sometimes take falls, but truly great ones learn from these failures and go on to be successful.

Thomas Edison conducted more than 700 experiments trying to invent the electric light bulb. “He was once asked if he was discouraged by 700 unsuccessful attempts.

“He replied: ‘I wasn’t discouraged, because every wrong attempt was another step forward.  I learned 700 ways not to make a light bulb.’

In management, we should learn from our mistakes and focus on our successes. Like Edison, I believe I have learned 200 ways not to supervise a team, but along the way I have learned what works.


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