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System Categorization Suggestions

Posted in O S (375) by Guest on the July 26th, 2011

Determining System Business and Technical Impact Level (Low, Moderate, High)

Determine data classification (using NIST):

  • (NIST SP 800-60 vol. I and II*)

  • FIPS 200 / NIST SP 800-53

Use FIPS 199** if data type not in NIST SP 800-60 (i.e., C/I/A scoring) – NIST references below:

  • NIST SP 800-34 defines the SDLC as “the scope of activities associated with a system, encompassing the system’s initiation, development and acquisition, implementation, operation and maintenance, and ultimately its disposal that instigates another system initiation.”

  • NIST SP 800-55, Security Metrics Guide for Information Technology Systems

  • NIST SP 800-80, Guide for Developing Performance Metrics for Information Security

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HITRUST PowerPoint

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SharePoint Features Matrix

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Store, organize, and access team files in a centralized network repository.   Store your files in a network repository:  Request a division or subsidiary level portal when you need to search and collaborate across hundreds of team sites.  Distribution List Archive  Share or store files too large for SharePoint (over 100MB) or if it is a file type blocked by default. (such as .exe) 
Share and edit files collaboratively.  Designate Private files only you can access.  Categorize files across team sites into topic areas to facilitate portal navigation.  Read Only  Note: File Shares are only to be used to store restricted file types, oversized files, application data (e.g. databases) or non-collaborative content.
Publish information and files for easy access and visibility to coworkers on and outside the team. Designate Shared files for viewing or collaboratively editing to the public  Search across team sites and public folders.  Indexed by SharePoint   
Facilitate team discussions in discussion forums. Access your files from any network computer.    Replication by Business Requirement only   
  Publish details about yourself that are accessible by the entire company.      
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Sample Visio – HIE Authentication Services Framework (ASF)

 Free Document download



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Healthcare – Authentication

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Architecture design.doc


Use cases.doc

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SharePoint VS. Email

Posted in eMail (66),SharePoint by Guest on the July 17th, 2011

Centralize content on company servers 

  • Supports sharing of email content across the enterprise

  • Body & attachment become searchable & reusable

  • Advantages of version control & history

  • Improved knowledge management



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