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Reduce TCO – Consider Virtualization

Posted in Business (600) by Guest on the April 30th, 2010






IBM Virtualization


MS application Virtualization (App-v)

Windows 7 Remote-App

Windows 7 Roaming Profiles

Windows 7 folder redirection

Virtualize – Pano


MS System Center


MS Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance


End User Benefits of desktop virtualization


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Data Storage Spectrum

Posted in Compliances (1300) by Guest on the April 30th, 2010


iSCSI with Fibre-channel


Dell, EMC, HP, IBM and NetApp

10 Gig Ethernet

FCoE fibre-channel over Ethernet

Thin provisioning?

MAID Massive Array Idle Disks – Solid state drives





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Most significant digital data issues

Posted in Business (600) by Guest on the April 29th, 2010

Responsible stewardship: effective recognition of the issue of sustained preservation & access

Scalable, extensible and evolvable solutions for building and operating digital repositories in a networked world

Trustworthy, verifiable methods for overcoming format obsolescence & providing sustained access to authentic electronic records

Resources for digital preservation

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Defense Against SYN Flood

Posted in Security (1500) by Guest on the April 29th, 2010

Increase size of connection table

Add more servers

Trace attack back to source

Ask your ISP to filter malicious packets

Add firewall

Typically “SYN proxy”

Partial solution was “SYN-cookies”

Reply to SYN with SYN-cookie

Allocate no resources until SYN-cookie is returned

Egress filtering restricts spoofed IP addresses

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Secure Data Sharing

Posted in Compliances (1300) by Guest on the April 28th, 2010
  1. What is it
  2. Where is it
  3. What is the Risk


What Policy should be enforced

How can the process be Audited

Ongoing Process of Sharing Data


Manage Removable Media

Encrypt mobile data

Provide users with relevant Policy excerpts and Audit acceptance

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Posted in Business (600) by Guest on the April 28th, 2010

Learn from industry analysts, product experts, and customers to gain an understanding of how DLP solutions can help secure your sensitive information no matter where it resides in your organization.

How Data Loss Prevention solutions fit into an overall information risk management strategy.

How to discover, monitor and control sensitive information. 

How to deploy enforcement mechanisms that will secure sensitive data in your data center, network, and at the end point.

How customers have deployed DLP solutions to minimize their business and information risk.

Tactical Options

Manage which devices may connect & who may transfer data 

Hardware encrypted USB devices with Centralised Key Management & soft Authentication Token. Laptop Encryption 

Provide users with relevant excerpts from the Corporate Policy & monitor / Audit their acceptance


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