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Identity Compliance Described

  • Supports enterprise level monitoring of access for segregation of duty (SoD) and security policy conflicts
  • Ability to define rules across any platform / database / application or user’s attributes
  • Support for inter and intra application security policy enforcement
  • Monitoring of SoD, role vs actual exceptions, and terminated users with active accounts exceptions
  • Comprehensive list of best practice segregation of duty controls provided out of box with the solution
  • Complete lifecycle management of an audit issue
  • Ability to provide a mitigating control for exceptions that are not fixed
  • Ability to get manager sign off on audit exceptions
  • Enterprise level compliance dashboard
  • User Entitlement Certifications

– Managers certify users, roles, user entitlements, entitlements outside the assigned roles

– Data Owners certify users access to data components

Workflow process for approvals on roles assignment/removal

– Reports on approvals/revoke requests for roles

– Maintains historical information on users access to various applications

– SoD violation scans

– User access audit policies creation and monitoring

  • Regular scans
  • Actual vs. Assigned Exceptions
  • Exception Lifecycle Management
  • Compliance Dashboard for Executives/Auditors


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What is an Application Audit

What is an Application Audit

Usually required to assess

Business risk Internal control Strong linkage to corporate governance and compliances such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA and GLBA

It is an audit of a single application

Example: audit of an Excel spreadsheet with embedded macros

It could also be an audit of business processes that use IT heavily

 Example: Payroll processing involving multiple servers and databases Application audit could also be technology related

o Example: audit of organizational PBXo Example: audit of a data warehouse 

Periodicity of audit:

As the system is developedPost-implementation of a new systemo Every  n  months (n =12) 

What does the auditor look for?

Assurance that the application provides adequate control over data being processedo Level of control related to degree of risk being assumedRisk coming from incorrect or unauthorized processing of datao Job descriptions for

Aplication developers• Business owners Production support groups 

What does the auditor look for?

Level of segregation for system access and application privileges 

SANS recommends checking for following controls:

Application Administration Inputs, Processing, Outputs Logical Security Disaster Recovery Plan Change Management End user Support Third Party Services 

Impact of application on the business

 Team members roles and responsibilities are defined and documented Organizational chart is current Charts and roles help managers:

Understand the business implicationso Training tool for new members

 Legal and regulatory compliance issues with respect to an application must be specified Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between the application provider and the business must be in place Auditor will review SLA with respect to customer incentives and business objectives 

What the auditor will look for?

 Evidence of data preparation Procedures Reconciliation processes Handling requirementsEvidence of control over manual processes Verification of certain calculations using Computer Auditing Techniques (CATs)


What the auditor will look for?

 Balancing and reconciliation for outputs Traceability of control totals to upstream and downstream systems

Biztalk Architecture Poster:

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Simple Shutdown script for an Exchange Server

Posted in O S (375),Security (1500) by Guest on the May 2nd, 2008

@echo off
net stop MSExchangeES
net stop IMAP4Svc
net stop POP3Svc
net stop RESvc
net stop MSExchangeSRS
net stop MSExchangeMGMT
net stop MSExchangeMTA
net stop MSExchangeIS /Y
net stop MSExchangeSA /Y
net stop “Computer Browser””
net stop “Messenger”
net stop “Net Logon”
net stop “NT LM Security Support Provider”
net stop “Plug and Play”
net stop “Protected Storage”
net stop “Remote Access Autodial Manager”
net stop “Server”
net stop “Spooler”
net stop “TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper” /y
net stop “Workstation”

if %1==reboot goto reboot
shutdown /l /y /t:0
shutdown /l /y /r /t:0

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