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Web Service Templates

Business to Customer, Business to Vendor and much more.
This collection of 77 professional subject matter template
document solutions help you collect, analyze, design, test
and deploy and manage web services:

  • Apache Internals.vsd
  • Apache Web Server Flow.vsd
  • Application Services.mmap
  • Asset Threat Roadmap.vsd
  • Authentication Options.vsd
  • B to C Process Overview and Interaction.vsd
  • Basic Web Application Design.vsd
  • Basic Web Server Retrieval Interactive Process.vsd
  • Benefits of Using ASP.NET.mmap
  • Business Process Execution Language.vsd
  • Certificate Flow.vsd
  • Certificate – Extended Validation.vsd
  • Client - Server.vsd
  • Client Server Architecture Overview.vsd
  • e-Commerce Website requirements and Core Business
    Features 14 sheets.xls
  • E-Web service Modeling.doc
  • eCommerce Framework Core Components.vsd
  • Full Phase Project Cycle 3 pages.vsd
  • High level architecture of Apache.doc
  • High Level Identity Access Management.vsd
  • IBM WebSphere Example.vsd
  • IIS6 High Level Architecture.vsd
  • Infrastructure Services.mmap
  • Internet Mapping Components.vsd
  • Internet Security Framework - Logical Architecture Components.
  • Internet Security Framework - PKI Architecture Components.vsd
  • IT High Level Business Architecture.vsd
  • Level of Integration.vsd
  • MOF Core.vsd
  • Outline Portal Management Framework Structures.vsd
  • Portal Conceptual Model.vsd
  • Portal IM Web Flow.vsd
  • Portal Integration.mmap
  • Portal Layers.vsd
  • Portal Services Stack.vsd
  • Portal Web Services Web Logic.vsd
  • Quality Assurance Structure.vsd
  • Role Based Security Model.vsd
  • Sample HR Account Transfer Process Flow Diagram.vsd
  • Sample Project Outline.xls
  • Sample Web Services Security.vsd
  • Sample Web Services.vsd
  • Sample Web Site Workflows and Roles.doc
  • Security Overlay.vsd
  • Service Provisioning Markup Language.vsd
  • SOA Roles - Responsibilities.xls
  • SOA.xls
  • Software Quality Assurance.doc
  • SSL Connection 3 pages.vsd
  • Systems Cross – Functional Service Implementation.vsd
  • Transparent Call-outs from WS-Stubs.vsd
  • Understanding Web Applications.doc
  • WEB (HTTP) Request Processing.doc
  • WEB (HTTP) Request Processing.vsd
  • Web Application Business Needs and Objectives.doc
  • Web Architecture.vsd
  • Web Authentication.vsd
  • Web Authentications.doc
  • Web Down Troubleshooting Methodology.vsd
  • Web Flow 1.vsd
  • Web Realms.vsd
  • Web Request Form.doc
  • Web Service Application Logical View.vsd
  • Web Services and Technology Standards.doc
  • Web Services Backbone.vsd
  • Web Services Monitoring Standards.doc
  • Seven Rules for Implementing Secure Systems and
  • Work Request Workflow.vsd
  • WS Backbone.vsd
  • XML Encryption - Decryption Logic.vsd
  • XML Processing Logic.vsd
  • XML Schema Development and Management Process.vsd
  • XML.vsd
  • Common Web Architectural Order Management Considerations.
  • Auditing Web Applications.ppt
  • RUP Roles - Responsibilities Matrix.xls
  • X.509 Digital Certificate Structure.doc
Rights languages ODRL and XrML  Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL)  •	Addressing the project information sharing imperative embraced by all corporate entities.  •	Advancing the development of information exchanges critical to assuring the confidentiality availability and Integrity.  •	Providing the “standard of choice” for federated and un-federated, structured and un-structured data.
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