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Technology Tidbits

Planning a project using earned value management is no
different than the initial planning necessary to implement
any given project.
Hottest Trends:

are effecting
big and small
some examples
are Wiresless Access, SOX,
HIPAA and PCI to name just
a few.

We can provide you Excel
pre-assessment baseline
tools and supportive
documents to help you
understand the requirements
and mitigate issues before
an official audit or an incident.
Understand as a project manager:

  • What makes up my entire project (scope)?
  • What is the agreed upon work scope and what is
    additional work?
  • What are my start and completion dates(schedule)?
  • How much is the project going to cost (budget)?

Over the years, it was determined that project managers
needed a tool to help capture and control their project
scope.  This led to the development of a Work Breakdown
Structure (WBS).

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):
The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool that defines
a project and groups the project’s discrete work elements in
a way that helps organize and define the total work scope of
the project. A WBS element may be a product, data, a
service, or any combination. WBS also provides the
necessary framework for detailed cost estimating and
control along with providing guidance for schedule
development and control. Additionally the WBS is a dynamic
tool and can be revised and updated as needed by the
project manager.

Each descending level of the WBS represents an increased
level of detailed definition of the project work breakdown
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