IT Architecture Templates

These are a collection of common business processes,
common services and consolidated service delivery will
produce sustainable savings and better results for
yourself and your customers. This is an excellent
collection of 57 IT Architectural professional subject
matter solutions consisting of Excel, Visio, Power point,
Project, MindMap and Word documents facilitate the
collection, analysis processing and management

  • Architecture Alignment.vsd
  • Business Applications.mmap
  • Business Risk Management.vsd
  • Business Solution Framework.vsd
  • CIO Management Framework.vsd
  • Collaborative Management.vsd
  • Coordinators.mmap
  • Dashboard Technology Layers.vsd
  • Due Diligence - Governance.vsd
  • Good Corporate Governance.vsd
  • High Level Corporate Governance.vsd
  • How to Design a System.vsd
  • Information Technology Solutions Lifecycle Methodology
    Security Matrix.doc
  • Infrastructure Architecture Detailed.vsd
  • Infrastructure Architecture.vsd
  • Infrastructure Service Layers.vsd
  • Integrated Planning - Execution.vsd
  • IT Business Assurance.vsd
  • IT Services Teams.vsd
  • Management Framework.vsd
  • Operational Support Activities.mmap
  • Operations Services.mmap
  • Organizational Services.mmap
  • Partnership & Collaboration.mmap
  • Product Process Process.vsd
  • Service Infrastructure.vsd
  • Service Platform and Infrastructure 1.mmap
  • Service Platform and Infrastructure 2.mmap
  • Service Reference Service Reference Model Total View.
  • Solution Architecture Process.doc
  • Strategic Roadmap Project Structure.vsd
  • Strategic Roadmap Timeline.vsd
  • Technical Reference Model.mmap
  • Technology Infrastructure.mmap
  • The Requirements Checklist Process.vsd
  • Three Business Perspectives.vsd
  • Transaction Services.mmap
  • Application Services.mmap
  • Enterprise Architecture.vsd
  • Enterprise Architecture Mapping.vsd
  • CMDB  High Level Architecture.vsd
  • Sample ITIL.vsd
  • IT Roles - Responsibility.vsd
  • Research Analysis and Mitigation.vsd
  • Sample High Level Business Views.doc
  • Sample Strategic Plan 6 page.xls
  • Business Technology IT Support Plan.vsd
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  • Security IT Planning Template.xls
  • Master Planning Process.vsd
  • Phased Processes.vsd
  • Strategic Process.vsd
  • Infrastructure Services Detailed.
  • Service Life Cycle Management.
  • Common E-commerce Problems
    Layer by Layer  .ppt
  • IT Service Level Agreement
  • Release Management Process.
  • Sample Service Management
    Requirements Summary.doc
  • High Level Managed Services
  • Issue Ticket Flow.vsd
  • IT Interactions.vsd
  • IT Managed Services Linkages.
  • ITIL_Dev_Test_Change_Controls
  • Standards for IT Security
    Program Components.doc
  • Standards Processing Workflow.