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Data Demographic Templates

The key to identity and access management, role based
access, segregation of duties are a data demographics
and asset discovery assessment. The end results of an
asset discovery, asset risk analysis, analysis and
verification of where business critical and sensitive data
resides. This is a key to protecting identity and
conformance to compliance requirements and corporate
business models.

These 86 professional subject matter solutions consisting
of Excel, Visio, Power point, Project, MindMap and Word
documents facilitate the collection, analysis processing and
management data demographics and data segmentation

  • 3 IT Groups.vsd
  • Access Management.doc
  • Analysis and Documentation Process.vsd
  • Architecture.vsd
  • Auditing Consideration for Oracle DBA Roles.doc
  • Bus IT Concept Mapping.vsd
  • Bus Sub-Domains.vsd
  • Business Analysis.vsd
  • Business Concepts.vsd
  • Collection of Data.mmap
  • Common Data Perception.vsd
  • Commons IT Demographic Issues.doc
  • Corporate and Regional Data Processing.xls
  • Create virtual views of Data across Enterprise.mmap
  • Data Access feedback loop.mmap
  • Data Analysis Readiness Checklist.mmap
  • Data Classification Guidelines.doc
  • Data Decision Structure.mmap
  • Data Demographic Assessment - Detailed.doc
  • Data Demographic Assessment Methodology.vsd
  • Data Demographic Assessment.doc
  • Data Demographic Deliverable Outline.mmap
  • Data Exchange Template.xls
  • Data Flow Control.doc
  • Data Flow.vsd
  • Data Governance Overview.doc
  • Data Governance.mmap
  • Data Integration Technology Readiness Assessment.xls
  • Data Interchange Reguirements.xls
  • Data Interchange Specification.doc
  • Data Lifecycle Project Readiness Checklist.mmap
  • Data Lifecycle Spectrum.mmap
  • Data Mapping Planning.doc
  • Data Mapping Questionnaire.doc
  • Data Modeling Testing.mmap
  • Data Program Planning and Definition.vsd
  • Data Reference Model.doc
  • Data Security Management.doc
  • Data Spectrum Objects.vsd
  • Data Spectrum.mmap
  • Data Structure - Exchange.xls
  • Demographic Assessment Modeling.doc
  • Diagram Types.mmap
  • Digital Asset Service Domains.xls
  • Document Grinding.doc
  • Document Sets.xls
  • Electronic Discovery Reference Model.vsd
  • Enterprise Data Management Matrix.xls
  • Exchange Roles - Permissions.xls
  • Financial Business Office Business Processes.doc
  • FIPS 199 - System Security Plan Template.doc
  • Functional Framework.xls
  • Guidelines for Reviewing and Approving Documentation.doc
  • High Level DRM Architecture.vsd
  • Information Assurance.vsd
  • Information classification.vsd
  • Information Maturity.ppt
  • Information Roadmap.vsd
  • IT PC Media Removal and
  • Oracle Audit Points.xls
  • Overview of Data Architecture
  • Performance.vsd
  • Possible Stakeholders.doc
  • Protecting Structured and Un-
    structured Data.doc
  • Reference.vsd
  • Risk Relationship - Data Flow
  • Sample Data Flow Control.doc
  • Sample Data Labeling.xls
  • Sample Data Modeling
  • Sample Data Sensitivity Levels.
  • Sample Financial Data
  • Sample HR - HIPAA Data
  • Sample Legal Data
  • Sample Operational Business
    Details Data Classifications.xls
  • Sample Project - BackOffice
    Data Classifications.xls
  • Sample Purchasing -
    Marketing Data Classifications.
  • Sample Web - Application Data
  • Security Information
  • Solution Architecture
    Application Architecture.doc
  • SQL Standard Audit Overview.
  • Taxonomy Flow.vsd
  • The Information Management.
  • Three Data Implementation
  • Three Data Layers.vsd
  • Vision for Information Sharing
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