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The success of Corporate IT departments large and small
depends on the alignment of IT resources to meet business

These business and project requirements drive IT projects that are
frequently over budget, under-delivered, out of scope and delivered
late. The root cause of these project failures are  
based on:

  • Unknown or mis-understood business requirements
  • Unknown or mis-understood project requirements
  • Unknown or mis-understood project risk management
  • Cross departmental mis-communications / expectations
  • Insufficiently detailed RFI / RFP requirements
  • Mismatched IT Technology Solutions
  • Insufficient supportive policies, standards and processes
  • Non-existent or insufficient visualized business / IT
  • Lack of understanding of the technologies and their

The lack of an ability to articulate either in design, illustration or
by example these complex projects, technologies and
deployments is the purpose of our solutions.

Who benefits with over 2600 Actionable IT
Technology Document Template solutions:

  • IT Organizations large and small

  • Security Consulting Companies

  • Compliance Consulting Companies

  • IT Consulting companies

  • Application Service Providers

  • Manage Security Service Providers

  • Technology Marketing companies

  • Technology Researchers

Our solutions save you
time and money.
documents are based on
successfully executed projects
and IT solutions. We provide
RFI, IT project, analysis,
collection and deployment
design templates in Microsoft
Word, Project, Visio, Excel and
PowerPoint formats.

The subject matter templates

  • Vulnerability
    Assessment and
  • Firewalls and Intrusion
  • Asset Management,
  • Virus / Spyware /
    Malware remediation,
  • Identity Access
    Management (IAM),
    RBAC, SOD,
  • Vendor / SLA
  • Data Demographics,
  • Web and Portal
    Application Services,
  • and many more...
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